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Keep Growing (Like a Tree!)

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Shall we all be like trees? Some thoughts inspired by trees…

The answers we find in our search for our selves, our creativity, our future are not the answers, not the definitive ones. They’re just steps.

We need to keep learning to stay creative, to develop our techniques, our ideas, our skills and our talents.

Time moves and the perfect answer does not stand still with it. A beautiful tree does not stay a sapling, young, lithe and fresh - it grows, develops, takes root in the earth and reaches for the sky, opening out, spreading its reach and sheltering others as it grows.

 The beauty of a mature tree

The beauty of a mature tree

The mature tree is all the more beautiful for its age - protected by its strong skin, sturdy to the core and able to weather the inevitable storms by the extent to which it’s retained its flexibility and to which it’s spread its anchors far and wide.

The mature tree shows the scars of the events of the years. It can be weathered, craggy, gnarled, and is only the more beautiful for how you can see its unique life story in its trunk and branches.

Keep growing - with your self and your creativity.

Your life story and how it develops is what makes you grow more beautiful.