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Heatwave Hermit

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I love the sunshine – bright, clear days, soft rays of sunshine across infinite blue skies and the gentle caress of warmth on the skin…

But I have to say that I’m not one for the heat. I know there are some that are loving this summer heat, but at the risk of being a grumpy so-and-so, you can absolutely stick your heatwave… and preferably where the sun don’t shine!

For the last few weeks, here and across much of the northern hemisphere and beyond, it’s been too hot, abnormally hot… claggy, muggy, heavy, uncomfortable… and completely overwhelming!

 Hot August evenings in Yorkshire

Hot August evenings in Yorkshire

Life is reduced to venturing out in early mornings and late evening when, on most but not all occasions, we can enjoy a relative cool – so important when you have a hairy dog who hates hot weather too!

The middle of the day is spent with blinds and curtains drawn, blocking out the heat of the sun and trying to keep the house cool. We have a daily routine now, following the sun around the house, opening windows when it’s cool(ish) and shady at that side and closing up when the sun moves round… but still remembering to come back and open up to let the cool air in later.

On our recent week off, we decided not to brave the elements on day trips out in the heat – too hot for us – too hot for the dog to come with us – too hot for him to stay shut up in a hot house...

 A shady spot for the dog to hide from the heat

A shady spot for the dog to hide from the heat

(Luckily, when we’re at home, Noah gets to choose his own shady spot in the garden and does follow the shade as it moves through the morning, returning inside in the afternoons where it’s a little cooler than the scorching garden.)

Excursions have been short and sweet and we’re getting to know, now, which shops and cafes are welcoming, cool, and air-conditioned, and which are stuffy, overheated and unbearable.

I do feel like we’ve become heatwave hermits – timing our outings with the dog for cool mornings and evenings (24C at 8.30am and still 26C at 9pm the other day, so that cool is relative) – and having to shut out that sunshine just to stay cool and avoiding anything even remotely strenuous in the heat of the day.

In Britain, we’re just not used to it being this hot. And we’re not equipped with shutters and air-conditioning that do make life a little easier in countries where this weather is more usual.

I can hardly even bear to imagine what life is like in countries where it’s now even hotter, with wildfires breaking out (we’ve had some, too) and burning uncontrolled and the risk to health and life is increased.

I was only two when Britain last experienced such a heatwave (in 1976) so I can’t recall it at all, but it’s so completely out of the ordinary for us that it does feel unsettling. And the fact that such a huge area of the world is experiencing the same makes it even more unnerving.

It seems that we may not have a choice but to take more note of nature, as nature reminds us that it’s still a powerful force in our everyday lives, no matter that we sometimes feel like we humans have dominion over all things.

 The golden summer light is beautiful - but the accompanying heat is overwhelming!

The golden summer light is beautiful - but the accompanying heat is overwhelming!

Stay cool in the heat of summer look after your loved ones and your pets – and look forward to enjoying the best things about a heatwave – the cool, refreshing summer rain when it does eventually come!

If you can't wait for nature to oblige with some cooling rain, click and enjoy the rain experience below... hope it helps cool you down!