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Found Patterns - Medieval Stained Glass

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Found pattern inspiration from my recent 'staycation' at home in York. We visited some of the beautiful medieval locations in York, as tourists, and I got inspired by the gorgeous, vibrant stained glass...

Wonderful colourful stained glass from All Saints church in York

York has some of the oldest, and best preserved, stained glass in Europe, both in the majestic York Minster, and in the beautiful, but lesser-known All Saints church in North Street... 

All of the stained glass images in this post are from All Saints church...

One of my favourite stained glass windows is this (below) the 'Pricke of Conscience' window (c.1410) which shows a depiction of the last 15 days of the world....

The end of the world shown in the 'Pricke of Conscience' window

I really love the patterns in these stained glass trees - I think they look quite modern!

Patterned trees from the 'Pricke of Conscience' window

Right next to it, and dating from the same time, is the 'Corporal Acts of Mercy' window (from St. Matthew's Gospel)... see below...

The 'Corporal Acts of Mercy' window c.1410

In this window I adore the very striking sun and stars depiction (see below) - just beautiful!

Sun and Stars stained glass pattern, All Saints, York

I hope these beautiful patterns will inspire me (and maybe you?) on to greater things :)

I'll be back soon with some more 'found pattern' inspiration from my trips to York.