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Connecting with Nature - Why Your First Connection is with Yourself

behind the scenes, nature, personal musings, well beingCharlotte Brown

My art is all about connection - connection with your pets and connection with the world around us.

But that first, primary connection needs to be with yourself.

That connection with yourself is vital. Through connecting with and recognising our own nature and self, and realising self-acceptance and self-love, we can connect more fully with others.

For me, connecting with nature is a part of and a way to access this vital connection with my own self.

Through connecting and feeling a part of nature, I can see myself, not as an imperfect or failing human, but as a beautifully imperfect and complete facet of the natural world - as beautiful and complete as the summer bloom or as the bare branch in winter - equal and essential parts of the way of nature.

 Connecting with nature

Connecting with nature

Experiencing compassion and kindness towards yourself, connecting with your essential self, comes before connection with others and allows those further connections to be lived fully, authentically and with love and compassion.

Taking time in the quiet of nature allows us to connect with that deep, quiet part of our own selves. Connecting with nature allows us to find quiet so that we can hear the song our soul wants to sing so that we can take it out into the world to share it.

So show yourself some love and kindness first and foremost. Like me, you might be able to do this by immersing yourself in and connecting fully with nature.

If you'd enjoy doing this through my art, you can see some pieces you might connect with, below...