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Connecting with Nature at Christmas

behind the scenes, inspiration, nature, personal musings, sneak peekCharlotte Brown

Christmas is the time of year when we’re all, actually, quite connected to the natural world. It may seem strange to say this, as this is the time of year when, if we possibly can, we focus our attention on indoor, family life at home, or outings with friends.

However, even since before Christmas as we now know it, this is the time of year when people in this part of the world connect with the turning seasons – the time of the shortest day.

Traditional Christmas greenery: holly

It has been traditional at Christmas time - and at this time of the year in the times before Christmas - for people to bring greenery inside the home, using evergreens such as holly, ivy, and fir to symbolise the everlasting nature and renewal of life in the natural world.

Even though, in these modern times, the greenery we now bedeck our homes with is usually plastic, in this way we still recognise our connection with the seasons and the natural world at this time of year.

These short days of winter, and the days of rest and festivities which many of us are lucky enough to enjoy, remind us that this is the end of the year in nature, as well as in our human-made calendar.

Evergreens remind us of the everlasting nature of life, renewal, rebirth and the turning of the seasons.

Soon, we’ll be looking towards Spring and the new year ahead. But, just for this short time, we look to our connection with nature, bring the greenery in, and take a pause to assess the nature of our lives, perhaps looking over the year just gone, or planning for the coming one.

In the meantime, peace and goodwill to all. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and New Year ~ Lotti xx