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Blackbird and Ivy Artwork - Behind the Scenes

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Behind the scenes with my beautiful blackbird artwork...

Blackbird and Ivy

I think the blackbird is the king of all the garden birds - so majestic, proud, and extremely territorial, especially at nesting time.

There's many a time when blackbirds have swooped down low over our heads when venturing into the garden to hang washing out - hopefully not intending to peck off our nose (as the famous nursery rhyme might suggest) but just to warn us away from their precious new family.

So I thought I'd give the blackbird a big salute in this artwork, and ask him kindly to stay away from pecking off my nose when I'm out in the garden this Spring...

So here's my tribute to a wonderful bird, proudly sat at the entrance to his nest in the ivy...

I always start out with pen drawings on card...

My blackbird drawing in pen and ink

Intricate ivy drawings (before adding coloured ink)

Creating the composition digitally, from the individual drawings

Adding background layers

Tweaking colours digitally until the blackbird 'sings' to me

The final artwork: Blackbird and Ivy

Detail of the blackbird artwork

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Click image for details of print and frame options in my store