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Autumn Flowers Artwork - Behind the Scenes

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I'm taking a behind-the-scenes look at my Autumn Flowers - You Can Get By (With a Little Help From Your Friends) artwork...

Autumn Flowers, by Lotti Brown

The story behind the artwork is in the title - You Can Get By with a Little Help From Your Friends. It's all about how nature can get by more easily with a bit of a helping hand from us, her friend, especially in planting flowers to help nature in our gardens.

The flowers I chose to include in my Autumn Flowers artwork are all significant, as well as beautiful. They are all flowers which are particularly attractive to bees. And we so need to look after our bees and pollinators to help the natural world go round.

Pollinating flowers and plants allows them to fruit and set seed, and return again in the future. It helps provide other animals, birds, insects, and even us humans, with fruit and food to eat.

Bees perform a vital role in nature, and are under threat. Anything we can do to help them out is surely a good thing. And when you can have flowers as lovely as this in your garden, well, why wouldn't you?

Autumn is a great time to add more flowers into your garden. It helps extend the pollen season for bees and other insects, when there are fewer flowers about, generally. And also helps to brighten your garden up through the fading months.

Bees love:


Nasturtiums - the leaves are also very tasty for caterpillars (which gives us more butterflies)

Black-eyed Susan

Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan)


Mint flowers seem almost irresistible to bees

Ling heather

I've often seen bees buzzing around heather flowers.

I draw out each of the flowers individually, and, once the drawings are all scanned in, I use the computer to put them all together into my autumn flower garden...

I work on positioning and composition first...

Work in progress, using the computer to create an artwork from individual drawings

As you can see, at first the colours appear quite washed out, as scanned in...

So once I'm happy with the composition, I turn my attention to tweaking and brightening the colours...

Work in progress - brighter colours look better

Sometimes I will decide the piece can become more interesting if I change about some of the colours...

Artwork on screen in Adobe Illustrator programme

I might also decide to add a more dramatic colour palette to work with, and choose a striking background colour to set the flowers off, so they stand out really well...

Detail from Autumn Flowers artwork

I love that this piece is full of those gorgeous, rich autumn colours, full of warmth for the colder months - and I love that it's so full of different colours, like a rainbow-filled flower garden.

It still makes me happy every time I look at it, and I hope it can do the same for you, too!

Final artwork - Autumn Flowers - You Can Get By 

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