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What is Connection?

personal musings, well beingCharlotte Brown

I write a lot about connection - about how my art is about connecting with the natural world, through flowers, plants, wildlife, and even our pets...

Then I started to ask myself, what exactly do I mean by 'connection'? What is 'connection'?

For me, connection is about two things:

  1. Recognition of something shared, whether it's a shared life together in the case of a pet, or a shared ecosystem, in the case of a flower, plant or wild animal/bird, a recognition that we're all part of the same natural world, and we're all in it together
  2. Understanding, empathy or compassion - a genuine care for the other who you feel the connection with
 Parakeet Paradise

Parakeet Paradise

Of course, a connection can be as different as the person, animal, or aspect of nature that you want to connect with, but it's all about recognising our sameness or oneness...

And connections make us feel good - our friends, family, pets, our garden, our natural environment are all important to our lives and our well-being - and I love to feel this through my art.

I'm happy to feel that connection to the world of nature when I'm inspired by a flower or a garden bird - and I love to help you celebrate that special connection to the world around us that we gain through the love and companionship of our pets, too.

 A husky is like a force of nature - in its element running out in the wilds...

A husky is like a force of nature - in its element running out in the wilds...