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Why I'm a Fussy So-and-So About My Art

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I'm a bit of a fussy so-and-so about my art - and I always have my art prints created as high-quality art prints - yes, even if it costs a bit more! - so that I can always be sure that you are receiving a quality art print where the colours are vibrant, rich-toned and true to my original art creation. 

I spent weeks testing art prints from a large selection of different printers and chose my current print partner for the quality of the colours, and the thick, rich, velvety, matte finish of the ink that looks just like paint.

 Vibrant colours in my Fantasy Fall Flowers artwork

Vibrant colours in my Fantasy Fall Flowers artwork

My fine art giclee prints are printed on thick, acid-free, archival paper with archival inks that are resistant to fading in the light, using a giclee technique.

Giclee just means 'spray' - the ink is sprayed on in a thick layer, rather than printed out in rollers or a dot-matrix pattern like your usual office or at-home printer that can leave you with a trace of dots or lines on your print. It's a technique that's great for art as it really captures the original colours, crisp details, and the finish has a texture just like a rich, matte paint.

I won't compromise on any of my art prints as I have to be sure that you're receiving the highest quality art print that will look good on your wall and will bring you years of joy in your home.