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Scotland Nature Inspiration

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I've just come back from a wonderful week's holiday in Scotland with my husband and the dog. Lots of lovely walks along the coast and in the beautiful forests.

Watching for herons in the Wigtownshire wetlands

We had lots of wildlife 'spots' including red squirrels (below), nuthatch, woodpecker and greenfinch in the Galloway Forest...

Exciting to spot red squirrels from the wildlife hide in the Galloway Forest

And linnets, brambling and many heron elsewhere while we were out and about.

I enjoyed looking out for lots of different wildflowers - very many bluebells at this time of year... some native British bluebells (the deeper blue) 'Hyacinthoides non-scripta' and also some of the introduced/garden escapees Spanish bluebells (much paler blue) 'Hyacinthoides hispanica'.

(click images to see them larger)

Also loads of rich yellow gorse - what a delightful coconut scent when the sun came out...

Beautiful gorse filling headlands and hills

Spring wildflowers:

(click images to see them larger)

In the woodlands were carpets of distinctive-smelling Wild Garlic (Ramsons)...

Woodland wild garlic

And wonderful mosses...

(click images to see them larger)

In some garden woodland I think we found some garden escapees - deliberately planted or self-seeded, I don't know - fab to see though...

(click images to see them larger)

And of course some beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees in the gardens themselves...

(click the images to see them larger)

Snow white and rose red - beautiful gardens in Galloway

A wonderful holiday in a really beautiful area of Scotland with so much nature to inspire me in the weeks and months to come... happy memories!

Look out for designs & artworks inspired by these experiences soon!

Love beautiful Galloway!