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New Patterns - Earth Elements

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In this collection of designs I’m looking at textures inspired by elements of the earth. I’m looking very closely at nature in miniature, and getting inspired by textures of rocks, lichen, ripples in the sand, and fungi, amongst others.

Cycle of Life - Earth Elements collection by Lotti Brown

The theme (and name) of this collection is the Cycle of Life – exploring ideas about the natural cycle of life, death and rebirth in the natural world, and about life qualities that we can connect with through looking more deeply at the natural world.

Some of my own photos used as inspiration for some of the pieces

The collection is presented in two colourways, that also co-ordinate with each other.

The main pattern in this design is ‘Steadfast’ (below) created from drawings inspired by the ripples in rocks at the coast. These ripples are created from the action of the waves on the rock, gradually wearing away the hardness of the rock. 

For me, this represents how life can gradually wear us down – but we don’t have to let this destroy us – we may bear the marks of life’s action on us, but underneath we are steadfast like the rock, and life’s wear and tear can be part of the unique pattern of our personality.


I was inspired by fungi on the forest floor for ‘Transformation’ (above). Here I considered themes of how the fungi are so important to the ecology of the forest, helping to break down leaf litter and dead organisms to create the life-giving mulch that new plants grow from to continue the life of the forest. Death and decay is merely a transformation to rebirth and new life.

Barnacles on rocks were the starting point for my design ‘Tenacity’ (above). Seen clustering tightly on rocks at the coast, for me these represent the idea of tenacity – the strength to hold on to what’s important in life when under great pressure.

‘Breathe’ (above) is inspired by tiny circles of lichen found on trees and hedgerows. Lichens need unpolluted air to survive, so this design is about the importance of clean air for health and life.

The ripples of ‘Flow’ (below) came from textured ripples in sand, left behind from the ebb and flow of the tide. Whilst tenacity is important, and we can still hold steadfast in the face of great upheaval, Flow shows how going with the flow is sometimes also important, the ability to be adapt, change and move.

All of these designs are now available for licensing. Please get in touch to enquire, or take a look at my licensing portfolio to find out more...