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Upholstered Chairs with Lotti Brown Fabric

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I was so excited when Rebecca of forty-winks.net contacted me yesterday to show me how she'd used one of my fabrics to upholster an antique chair, for sale in her new upholstery business...

Rebecca tracks down beautiful antique chairs and gives them a new lease of life with colourful fabrics and her fantastic upholstery skills. The chairs are one-off pieces, and Rebecca can also create other bespoke upholstery, curtains and soft-furnishing projects for you...

Take a look at how stunning this chair looks, newly upholstered in my 'Folkish Woodland Birds' fabric... I wish I could have it for myself!!

Upholstered by Rebecca at forty-winks.net

Rebecca's new enterprise is based just outside Geneva - find out more at forty-winks.net

Thanks so much to Rebecca for sharing her awesome work with us :)