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Inspiration from a Holiday at Home

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Tulip inspiration from my holiday

I'm just back at work after a thoroughly enjoyable two week stay-cation (holiday at home) - we switched off the technology, and just relaxed, got a few chores done, did lots of arty stuff, visited some beautiful gardens, and plenty of walking with the dog...

They say a change is as good as a rest, but a rest is definitely as good as a change ;)

I have a stack of drawings ready for scanning in ... and hope I will get some of them made into designs before too long...

On my drawing table in the holidays

My camera has also been pretty busy too, and I've now got loads of floral inspiration to turn to out of season, too...

This year the bluebells in particular seem to have been especially beautiful - I've been searching them down in woodlands and gardens to get a good stock of photos for drawing from... such fantastic colours!

This week I'm getting everything organised and getting ready to start the final module of my surface pattern design course on Monday - it's full of live briefs so I think I'm going to be kept very busy - totally excited!