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Inspiration in a Yorkshire Spring

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I actually can't believe how sunny it's been these past few weeks - most un-British if you ask me ... but I'm really not complaining! 

It's been fantastic to see what's blooming while I'm out and about walking the dog - and I've even managed to negotiate with the dog's intense interest at what I'm trying to photograph, in order to snap some piccies to share what's inspiring me at the moment...

Designs in Progress -- Sneak Peek at my Drawing Table

Sharing what's been getting me inspired to draw - I've been drawing these gorgeous, blue grape hyacinth (muscari) flowers

Designs in progress - I love to draw flowers from life wherever possible

I have drawn, and colored, a series of these flowers. After this, the next stage is to scan them into the computer, then I will be able to work with them digitally to put them into a pattern.

I have two weeks 'stay-cation' planned, starting tomorrow, so although I won't be able to keep away from the drawing - I'll be putting technology aside for two whole weeks  to spend some fun time at home with my husband and giant teen-puppy. :) 

Here's hoping the weather stays kind for us! See you soon ~ Lotti x