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Collecting Colors - Beautiful Blues

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All blues are right on trend at the moment (from soft airy shimmers of blue, to brilliant brights and deep midnight blues), which would be a perfect reason for me to take a closer look ...if I wasn't totally in love with blues already!

Beautiful blue flowers inspire me

If you asked me to pick a favorite color, I would have to say it's blue - and I'm really feeling a blue vibe right now, wearing it, decorating with it, designing with it...

Blue is quite simply beautiful for me - it's a color of many temperaments, and can be cool, gentle, vibrant or deep and powerful.

Think about soft, gentle powder blues, that are very relaxing, barely-there .... or clean light blues, that make everything look cool and fresh .... sky blues bringing a jolt of summer happiness...

Or deep, rich blues and navy which remind us of the coolness, depth and mystery of the seas, or the soft, silky-velvet touch of a summer dusk... blue is truly a color of nature...

Gorgeous deep blues in the seas and skies around Skye, Scotland - dramatic blues!

Blues are generally seen as very relaxing - but the brighter blues are anything but - cobalt blues are very vibrant - and are as strong as reds for giving a design a zing of color.

Think about electric blue - it's been named that for a reason, and is as powerful as the equally zinging shocking pink (and they look great together by the way!)...

Since I gather nearly all my art inspiration from nature, I've been sorting through my libraries of photos from the past few years to find my perfect blue inspirations...

I do hope they help you to fall in love with blues too...

Soft and light blues can have a dreamy, ethereal quality

Beautiful hydrangeas take their blue coloring from the acidic conditions in the soil - stunning!

Summer's here - gorgeous blue forget-me-nots are always welcome in my garden :)

A walk through a bluebell wood can't fail to gladden the heart and inspire the senses - magical!

I love my tiny Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) they pop up each year in the cracks and crevices around my garden - really rich, brilliant blues

Some of the deepest blue flowers are almost purple!

Periwinkle blue has distinctly purple tones to it!

Mussel shells are an interesting deep blue-purple - wonderful natural color!

Surely one of the most vibrant and stunning blues in nature - with an exotic shimmer!

Take a look around, and start noticing beautiful blues in nature...

I will be sharing some blue-inspired designs with you very soon.

Hope you enjoyed basking in beautiful blues - do let me know in the comments below ~ Lotti x