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Easter Egg-stravaganza

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I'm getting ready for Easter - and hoping the weather turns warm and dry for the long weekend we enjoy here in the UK...

Every year I love to see vibrantly colored and patterned eggs, and have built up my own little collection over the years - this year I've also been inspired to have a go myself...

Here are some beautiful blue and gold eggs, solid and painted wood, papier mache and ceramic...

Beautiful blue and gold painted Easter eggs

And below is my collection from Romania - real eggs, with the centers blown out, so they're incredibly delicate. These have been hand-painted by Romanian artists and my husband bought them for me from a museum in Romania, and ever-so carefully packed them in his shoes to travel in the aeroplane - and unbelievably they arrived intact...

I'm always very careful with them now, as it would be terrible to break them after they survived the journey here - they're so beautiful...

 Intricate patterns on hand-painted real eggs, all the way from Romania

Intricate patterns on hand-painted real eggs, all the way from Romania

And here are my own efforts at egg decoration - I drew on hard boiled eggs with colored pens - my artistic endeavors will be eaten later! (...or the contents will be anyway! )

Hand-drawn patterned Easter eggs - hard-boiled and decorated by me!

It's surprisingly difficult to draw on an egg! More practice needed! But a  fun edible alternative (or addition) to a chocolate egg!

Have a go!

I hope you've enjoyed my mini Easter Egg-stravaganza - have a lovely Easter weekend ~ Lotti x

Happy Easter :)