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Tropical Design Trend - Behind the Scenes

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I've been working to design for future print and pattern trends coming in Spring-Summer 2017 - and I've been looking at brilliantly coloured tropical trends with the design community at 'Pattern Observer'

I'm going to take you behind the scenes, just a little bit, and show you how some of these designs came about...

Tropical Jungle collection by Lotti Brown - click on the image to see a larger version

I decided to create a small tropical collection, 'Tropical Jungle', for the theme, with my motifs centred around some fantastically colourful orchids I have at home...

Gorgeous orchids were one of the main inspirations to this collection

I drew these many times from every different angle, and drawing both the individual blooms, and whole stems, and separate leaves and foliage to create enough motifs for the collection...

I also wanted some birds in my jungle, so drew some tropical-looking birds from artist source-books, so that I could also add these into the design...

Bird and flower drawings for my tropical collection

Although the colours you see here usually don't end up in the final design, I like to colour my drawings as this gives depth and texture to the design, and often creates the starting point for my colour palette, too.

How some of my orchid drawings developed into the completed pattern

In the image above, you can see how my drawings are scanned into the computer, in colour, then arranged about the screen, using Adobe Illustrator, to create the pattern.

You can see how the original colours (left) were enhanced to become the very vibrant hues in the later part of the design process (right)...

Individual colours, and the whole colour palette, can be tweaked many times until I'm happy with the effect.

I built out the collection with drawings of peace-lilies, and  the foliage of the 'lipstick plant', (both of which I have as houseplants at home) to create a collection of patterns that I felt continued the theme but gave a bit of variety too.

So here are the finished designs - click on the images below to see them larger...

And to see the detail...

Detail from the main Tropical Birds pattern

These designs are now available for licensing - if you would like to see more of these patterns and discuss using these designs, or any others, on your products, please get in touch

EDIT - September 2016

These designs are now available exclusively through Lemon Head Prints - please do get in touch with them if you'd like this design printed on fabric or wallpaper, or have any other ideas about how you would like to use this design.