Connect with the energy of nature...

Are you energised by colour?

Do you want to feel the sunshine and freedom of nature… even when you’re not outside?

Isn’t it strange how, when you focus on one thing, a flower, a shell or a leaf… I mean really look at it, study it… how the rest of the world just seems to melt away…

It’s just you and the flower – you start to see it more clearly, understand it, connect with it…

This is how I create my artworks – and it’s what I want to share with you through my art, too – a feeling of reaching out to nature – taking energy and nurture from our natural world…

Because don’t you think connecting with nature is absolutely the best way to relax after a busy day or week? A time to de-stress and re-energise….

I want my artworks to bring this feeling to you, whenever you look at them. My artworks, patterns and designs are colourful, lively and intricate. They are inspired by, and try to connect with, the beauty and energy of the natural world.

A bit about me...

Hello I’m Lotti (Charlotte) the face behind Lotti Brown Designs. 

I’m an artist and surface pattern designer. I create art as prints and canvases, and I also put my art on all kinds of things, like fabrics, wallpapers, cushions, bags, phonecases and more…

I license a selection of my designs, which means if you’re in business you can get a ‘licence’ which allows you to put my designs onto your products.

I'd love to share with you a bit about my process, and my story, so that you can get a glimpse behind the scenes, and get to know me, and my artwork, a bit better...


My Process

I like to draw from nature, and from life, wherever possible, and will collect fallen leaves, stones, cones and berries on my daily dog walks in the countryside around my home in Yorkshire. I also draw from garden flowers, house plants or cut flowers, which I can draw al-fresco or bring into my home. I like to draw in quite a detailed way, but to keep a lively energy in my drawings too.

I’m inspired by creating a connection with the energy of nature, and looking at the seasons, and cycle of the year – how this influences us, and our emotions and well-being.

I’m also interested in how the changing of the seasons, and the events of nature, meant so much more to people in the past… How it made up part of their everyday lives, and their significant rituals.

I do think we have lost some of that connection with nature in this modern world of urban life and technology – and to our detriment. Certainly, for me, moving back out into the countryside from the city, with my husband, more than a decade ago, (I’m actually a country lass born and bred) has allowed me to feel much more in tune with the rhythms of the seasons.


Drawing of a crocosmia from my garden

I just love to draw, so I draw things - I like to draw with pens, on paper, so that's what I do.

I will nearly always also hand-color these drawings .

 I find it very zen-like to spend the time drawing and painting on paper, rather than staring at a screen, so I love to do as much as I can in the time-honoured artistic tradition, before turning to technology.

I do love that technology can really assist the design process though...

I scan my drawings in, and put them into Adobe Illustrator, so that I can work with them in vector format, to resize, adjust colors and experiment with layout and scale to my heart's content.

Some experiments with paint to bring texture and an authentic hand-crafted feel to my designs


I also love to experiment with painting with inks on fabrics or card...

I love the way the ink flows, and the vibrant colors (see below right for one of my ink paintings, on fabric).

I also try all kinds of stamping, paint and resist techniques to come up with different effects that I can use in my designs (see right).

My Story

I haven't always been an artist and surface pattern designer, although I've loved to draw ever since I could first hold a crayon. Art is my way of looking at the world and understanding it

Growing up I always longed to be an artist, although my parents encouraged me down more ‘academic’ and ‘practical’ routes instead.

I had a wonderful art teacher through school, who taught me how to really look at what I wanted to draw. At 16 I thought I was going to have to give up learning art, but he helped me continue, by mentoring me while I studied A-level art in my spare time, and as a result I won the school prize for art in my final year.

At University in Exeter, UK, I started doing a degree in modern languages, but after the first year I realised I’d made a mistake by not following my artistic dreams. It was too late to go to art school by then (or so I thought), so instead I studied art history and desk top publishing as part of a modular degree. 

Soon after leaving university I had found a job I loved that utilised my drawing talents, and I was professionally trained to draw maps and plans.

I still use the same drawing board I used in my mapping days

Initially these were hand-drawn and hand-tinted with inks, and bound up with card and fabric, and in later years created using a computer-aided mapping system.

I worked in the technical team for many years, drawing maps and plans for the largest country estates, or complex developments and industrial sites.

After nearly a decade of maps, I found myself with a forced career change, after becoming ill with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

I was very sick for more than four years – I spent months too weak to sit up for more than just a few minutes, never mind walk, work, or create art. 

I lost my job because of this, and so started studying interior and garden design, and ended up becoming a design writer, home colour consultant, freelance writer and web editor, for several years.

I loved being self-employed, starting the day with a walk in the fields with my dog - instead of commuting and being stuck in traffic - and enjoyed learning lots about flowers, and immersing myself in ideas on how to use colour, and how different colours gave different feelings and emotions.

I built up two big websites, that together attracted up to 6,000 unique visitors every day, over several years when they were at their peak. I also wrote design books and e-books that were sold on my site, and on Amazon.

It was very satisfying being able to help so many people, (sometimes on the other side of the world!), turn their own homes and gardens into spaces that made them feel happy.

During this time I worked very hard to regain my health, realising I'm severely intolerant of all grains, and also learning the transformative skills of the 'Lightning Process'. 

However, I missed being 'properly' creative - drawing ...and experimenting more with what I could do with colours, what I could create.

After losing two close family members in quick succession, a new awareness of death, and the preciousness of a life lived completely gave me a new realisation…

The thought that had kept me going for so long – that I only had to get to retirement before I could ‘indulge’ in creating art properly again – might not be my reality.

It dawned on me that I would consider my life a failure if I didn’t follow my artistic drive, and since the future has no guarantees, there’s no time like the present.

Starting to Design

My very first designs were of the retired greyhound I had then - Ginger - and they were created using Powerpoint. These designs actually quickly became very popular, and led to me having my own range of collars with collar-maker MeggieMoo in Denmark. You can read more about this here.

Encouraged, I began taking classes in textile and surface pattern design, and learning as much as possible about the industry, and about the computer programmes (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop), and practising with my designing...

I completed the fourth and final module of the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design course in the summer of 2015.

I now sell prints and products with my artwork on them, and also license my designs.

I combine my art and design work with my 'day job' working from home on contract transcription work. Busy times fitting it all in!

I’ve done a lot of learning in the last couple of years. Nevermind all the technical skills, one the most important things I’ve learned is that art is a path I need to follow. Just as art is my way of seeing and understanding the world, it’s also my way of communicating my understanding to the world.


My art makes me happy. It brightens up my life, and makes the sun shine. I hope it can do this for you too….


Please stay and browse for a while in my Shop to explore my artworks and buy giclee art prints.

You can also find my designs licensed as:

One of my artworks has even featured in a colouring book!

I have an exclusive collection of designs available at Lemon Head Prints - ideal for interiors fabrics and welcoming interiors and design trade enquiries for using the range of designs.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss licensing my designs. You can see more of my designs in my licensing portfolio.  


Greyhound design on fabric made into dog collars for

"I really like working with Lotti because she has the perfect mix of the personal and the professional. For me it is really important that someone understands my motivation and passions.
By being interested, and sharing her own experiences too, it makes it a hugely satisfying experience all round. And of course it makes for fantastic customer service too! Can't wait for more projects!"

Jo W at



Mussel design printed on fabric so the customer could make curtains 


 "I loved Lotti's mussel design, but wanted a few subtle size and colour tweaks so they would match my scheme perfectly.  Lotti was really accommodating (researching the exact grey of my ikea sofa etc), and didn't rest until the pattern was perfect for me.
I now have a wonderful bespoke pair of curtains that I can't stop looking at!"

 Jo B, United Kingdom





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