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Hello :)

I'm Lotti (Charlotte), the face behind Lotti Brown Designs

I’m an artist who loves to draw…

And so I draw things!

I love to explore different drawing mediums and drawing techniques – and currently, I’m loving drawing with pens on card and adding colour with Promarkers and fineliners.

I find it very zen-like to spend time drawing so I enjoy doing this as much as possible…

…and then I turn to technology to give my drawings a little modern twist!

I scan my drawings into the computer and I then put them into the Adobe Illustrator software so that I can work with them in vector (computerised) format. This allows me to resize them on the screen, adjust the colours, and combine several separate drawings together to create a brand-new artwork.

My computer desk at home (in a corner under the stairs)

My computer desk at home (in a corner under the stairs)


My Story

I live in a tiny village in the tranquil countryside of Yorkshire, in a cosy, little-too-small, country cottage with my wonderful husband and my beautiful dog – naughty Noah, a gorgeous, sweet-faced, and cheeky-minded rough collie who really keeps me on my toes!

I make my art about the things I see everyday on walks in the fields with my dog, and the things that are important to me.

I’m currently feeling inspired by and making art about:

  • Nature and wildlife

  • Flowers

  • Our special bond with our pets

Drawings inspired by nature

Drawings inspired by nature

I use Adobe Illustrator to turn my drawings into completed artworks

I use Adobe Illustrator to turn my drawings into completed artworks

Drawing of a fir branch from my garden

I haven't always been an artist although I've loved to draw ever since I could first hold a crayon. Art is my way of looking at the world and understanding it

I had a wonderful art teacher through school, who taught me how to really look at what I wanted to draw.

At 16 I thought I was going to have to give up learning art, but he helped me continue, by mentoring me while I studied A-level art in my spare time, and as a result I won the school prize for art in my final year.

I found a job I loved that utilised my drawing talents, and I was professionally trained to draw maps and planswhich I loved to do.

It was very fine and detailed work and has strongly influenced my love of intricate detail and my choice of drawing with very fine pens to create my art now. 

Initially the maps and plans were hand-drawn and hand-tinted with inks, and bound up with card and fabric, and in later years created using a computer-aided mapping system. After nearly a decade of maps, I found myself with a forced career change, after becoming ill with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which I had for several years.

I still use the same drawing board I used in my mapping days

I lost my job because of this, and so started studying interior and garden design at home, and ended up becoming an online design writer/teacher and home colour consultant for a number of years. I also wrote a series of design books and e-books that were sold on my own website, and on Amazon.

It was very satisfying being able to help so many people, (sometimes on the other side of the world!), turn their own homes and gardens into spaces that made them feel happy.

Gradually, I started to turn more towards my own creative artmaking.

I realised that I'd been basing my whole life on the assumption that I had to wait until I retired and then do what I really wanted to do - art.

But our life right now is what's precious and we must make our efforts to do those things that are important to us in our life right now. It couldn't wait. I started to draw again!

My greyhound Ginger modelling his own collar - perfect muse!

My greyhound Ginger modelling his own collar - perfect muse!

Starting to Design

My very first designs were of the retired greyhound I had then - Ginger - and they were created using pencil crayons and Powerpoint.

I put them onto Spoonflower and started to sell these and similar designs on fabric.

These designs actually quickly became very popular, and led to me having my own range of collars with collar-maker MeggieMoo in Denmark. 

Encouraged, I began taking classes in textile and surface pattern design, and learning as much as possible about the industry, and about the computer programmes (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop), and practising with my drawing, art and designing...

I started working with local and international companies under the name Lotti Brown Designs, to license my artwork out onto ranges of wallpapers and fabrics as well as products like cushions, deckchairs and phone cases (you can see some of these licensed designs with my additional stockists). I also had an agent for a while and worked to her design briefs and explored upcoming and predicted colour palettes and trends with my drawings and designs.

Art studio at my dining room table

Art studio at my dining room table

Then, I decided to concentrate on creating the artwork that was the most meaningful to me and focus on drawing as a means of self-expression and creativity.

Feeling the immense joy and satisfaction at being able to make expressive, personal, and meaningful art, having the freedom to develop my own artistic style, explore drawing and art-making in my own way, I knew that I wanted to become a writer and teacher again…

So that I could help others feel this same way about their own creativity…

I want to be able to help you develop your own artistic style and expression, and to enjoy all the excitement, relaxation, and deep, enduring pleasure that drawing creatively can bring us.

And so I embarked on a mission to devise fun ways to help others to learn how to draw well and to draw creatively, expressively, and with personality… my drawing and art resources and courses will be launching here in 2019!

Please stay and browse for a while. You can explore my art here including behind-the-scenes looks at my artworks.

You can also find out about commissioning a custom pet portrait from me, here or check out my store to explore my artworks and buy giclee art prints.

Or you can take a peek at my additional stockists for more art products and fabrics.

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